Abaris Aircraft

Abaris Aircraft Corporation are based in Phoenix in the state of Arizona in the United States, and were established in 2001. The company manufacture aircraft and their most famous product is the Abaris Golden Arrow, a homebuilt plane which they sell as a kit for customers to put together themselves.

For information on the corporation look here: Abaris Aircraft Corp – Phoenix, Arizona

The Abaris Golden Arrow requires just the one pilot and can hold up to five passengers. At almost ten metres long and 13 metres wide the plane is particularly large for a six person aircraft, and has a turboprop engine which powers the plane.

A customer will buy the Abaris Golden Arrow in kit form, and will build it themselves, before eventually using it to fly. The plane is capable of speeds up to over 300 miles per hour, and can fly over 1,500 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Abaris Training

Operating under the same name, but as a different company, Abaris also offer training in a range of different air disciplines. In 2008 Abaris won a contract from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to train FFA inspectors in advanced composite maintenance and repair,

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